It’s Been A Busy Start To My Week

After the Monday started rather slow at first I picked up my butt, and got it going. Cleaned house, cleared out my bathroom and kitchen, ordered some bathroom shelves finally after I spend quite a bit looking around what would work best in my tiny bathroom. This is also the biggest problem I am facing here with three kids, myself and one bathroom: its tiny…

And I have to squeeze so many things into that one. I still need one more rack or something for towels to be put away nicer and then it’ll come  along nicely. it is a challenge but who does not love a good challenge and I’d say it’s been going ok so far.

Next on my list of Things to do around the house is the little coffee station I want and need to make. First to free up some counter space so I can invest into a microwave (cause lets face it, sometimes you need one and if it’s just to heat up that coffee again cause you are way too busy as a mom and forget to drink it while it was hot!!) and second cause I got the perfect spot for it between my kitchen and living room. I got it all planned out, found the perfect shelves and such I need for it, and as soon as the tough boxes are gone it’s time to get that project started…

Overall this little place I coming along nicely and the boys room will be done and completely finished in between everything else. I mean it is all cleaned up, put away, organized and the boys like it cause they got the most room to play and chill, but it never hurts to make it a bit better. Again though, as soon as the tough boxes are gone out of their room it’ll be much easier to get the little finishing touches started as well.

Its so many things on my mind what I wanna do with the apartment, the car, the kids stuff and just to make it so much more comfortable here and so much more welcoming.. but so little time and money lol. I guess I need to win the lottery after all so I can do what I envision lol..But then I’d just build my favorite house, it is amazingly comfy and cozy looking but got more bedrooms than this apartment and so much more potential to do things with, and build a happy home there for my little family and friends which are always welcome as well…. Oh the things that go on in my mind all day long…

But for now you should always live life to the fullest, turn that frown upside down my friend. You only live once, so don’t be gloomy.

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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