It’s Almost Vacay Time

…and its going to be some busy vacation for the four of us.

We will be home with my family and some good friends for about 8 weeks, and it will be an adventure. So much changed in eight years and I, on one hand, can’t wait to see the changes but on the other I wonder how it is all looking and if I even still know my ‘little’ hometown.

Also, my little one will finally get christened while we are home with the family. I am not super into going to church all the time and being a super Christian but, I believe in it and for me, as for my family, it is important that you are christened and usually we don the beginning of the kids life to have a great start into life. But seeing as I was not home for that long and I always said that a) my family as to be there when the little minion will be christened and b) I only trust one person to do it it’s been a bit challenging, took a bit longer, but 2016 is the year….

The oldest and middle minion were both about 6 weeks old and it was an easy peasy thing to do. The youngest minion will almost be 4 years old and its going to be something else for sure. But I am excited cause he will experience it for himself kind of and will be able to participate so much more in it.

Other than that, I will be an aunt for the first time and that little one will be born only a few weeks before we arrive back home. My mom planned some good BBQ’s already to meet with the rest of the family; what I kind of threat a bit but we’ll see how it goes I guess. And then of course there are some fests going on, soccer, catching up with old friends, my grandma, visiting grandpa and hopefully some relax time for me and the kids and some of our amazing lakes while it is nice and sunny out.
Over all I cannot wait to be back home for a few weeks and enjoy some good ole family time with my family whom I haven’t seen in almost a decade.




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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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