Only In Seattle…Man In Tree

Chances are, if you are not from around Seattle you probably have not even heard of this crazy #ManInTree thing that is going on since yesterday, Tuesday.

It all started on Tuesday around 11am, when the police closed off several blocks while this guy sat, and is still sitting, in that 80 foot sequoia tree next to Macy’s which they always use as their Christmas Tree.
I mean, it is not enough that Seattle has its own “Superhero” Phoenix Jones, but now its a @man_in_tree, a tweeting @firetruckladder a @sassyfirefighter and the @ManInTreePinecone to be put into the mix of this city and the branches of that tree do not look too well and started cracking at some point while he is still sitting up there, every now and then coming half way down the tree before deciding against it and climbing back up there….

No one knows why he is up there, but he quickly got a parody twitter account @Man_In_Tree, his own hashtag (which I used in the first sentence if y’all wondering why) and so it is guaranteed that it is getting very interesting no matter what the outcome I believe .

First he started throwing apples at the police and firefighters and once he ran out of apples to throw, he threw pinecones. Still, no reason why he is up there but he is gaining followers quick. People are shouting “we love you Man in Tree” or they are at the scene holding up signs saying they should leave him alone, he ain’t doing anything.

Here are a few tweets from @FireTruckLadder and @Man_In_Tree that are highly popular these 17+ hours:

  • Firetruckladder:
    Man in Tree I miss you again, come sleep on my steps
  • I guess people like Man In Tree more thank me #JusticeForLadder
  • Man In Tree Ladder is back on again. Sassy Fireman turned off my WiFi,meany

And then there is a few tweets from

  • Man In Tree:
  • I’m getting sycamore and more of these puns #ManInTree
  • We do have some good chemist-tree
  • Where there’s a willow there’s a way

So as entertaining as this is to follow it all on twitter with all them little puns and such, yes I follow it on twitter cause hey, you need something to smile about each day, I really do wonder though: is this guy actually ok? Cause I cannot imagine someone sitting in a tree for 17+ hours without having some kind of problem, no matter how funny it is when you see all the tweets, what he is doing up there building his fort last night for a nap when police shut off the lights and so on. I mean come on, something has to be gone wrong somewhere along the way…. ?!

And just as I glance over to my phone, Rocky the squirrel tweets “Trust my I know (you are still there). What did you do with my throw rug?”
So it is fair to say, these days I am easily entertained and really wonder how all of this will play out. Rest assured though, I’ll probably let you all know once he is down.But these are the little things you only find in and around Seattle, my friends lol

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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