Monday Is At It Again 


good morning


Is it really Monday again? Where did that weekend go? What happened?

All I know is the kids had a really good time this weekend and I myself enjoyed the sunshine and time we all hung out and spend with an amazing friend.

As you might remember we did the Zoo on Saturday, yesterday was looking for the Easter baskets which was extremely fun, and then, my oldest minion actually decided to come home from her bf house a bit earlier and they hung out with all of us during the late afternoon/early evening and it was very pleasant. Made me happy.

To top it all of, a wonderful friend came by, dinner on the house, drinks on him, and we had us a nice movie night w the eldest. Goosebumps and then San Andreas. I really did like the last one and think it was made pretty good. A few little ‘flaws’ here n there which Caroline and I always look for in movies (i.e. Necklaces, where is the ‘blood’, where’s she/he hurt….)  but overall a very good movie.

As for today, nothing really planned so far. More like we’ll see how it goes and play it by ear. For now it’s more chilling, some coffee and enjoying the sunshine…

Y’all have a wonderful start to your week, and an amazing day w nothing but the best happening to you all !!

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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