Wine Is My Spirit Animal

Red wine, giving to me by a friend

I have to say, I am usually not a huge fan of red wine and rather like them white and sweet, but this one is amazing.
My wonderful friend came over for dinner yesterday and he brought me this little gem of wine. He knows I love chocolate, and I am in love with the cherry chocolate baileys so this one was a total winner I must say. I don’t even mind that it is actually red wine and, in my opinion, not that sweet but we got ourselves a glass after dinner and I think we both agreed that this wine rocks.

Its got a black cherry, chocolate aroma and you can taste the hint of red wine. It’s from the Chocolate Shop Wine, bottled in Idaho. And I have to say I will definitely get another bottle or two for myself when I found out where he got it… Its definitely some wine that is worth to keep around to either share with friends or if you just want to treat your self after a long day of work and want to chill with some wine and a good book.



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German gal living and loving life in WA State

4 thoughts on “Wine Is My Spirit Animal

    1. You need to try it. If you like red wine and chocolate this one will be the best. I am so happy my friend brought it over, matter of fact I’ll be pouring me a glass in a few minutes, sit back and do nothing but enjoy it 🙂

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