High School Is Expensive And Money Doesn’t Grow On Trees….

So here we are, junior year of High School for the eldest and its been quite expensive so far. And yes, I am sure most of you all know this but for me, coming from a total different school system and not having to pay for that much on my own, it is quite something to be honest.

She has a band trip coming up to California and because of our situation we are in, and everything else still being up in the air, I been running around like crazy trying to find some kind of help/scholarship to pay for it, but it ain’t that easy. Everyone was like ‘we don’t have enough money in our budget for this’ and the few with the military here were like ‘you should have told us sooner’. Ja well, I would have, would I have known in the beginning of it all that we would be in this situation when it is time for the trip and for paying it, but my Chrystal ball was not really working too well at that moment…..

So I make it work. As I always make it work.
Then we went clothes shopping for her for the trip and summer in general and that was a bit over $300 but ‘you never get me anything…’ is a standard phrase when she wants something new.

Now her AP test is about to come up and that is almost another $100 plus the she needs next year for AP English and AP Psychology…. it is going to be a challenging cause I cannot forget about what the boys needs as well. But, I make it work. I always make it work. It is a strain sometimes but as long as we got a roof over our heads and the kids have the things they need we should we be fine.
Of course it didn’t help that the car gave me problems in the past three months and that I had to get the tickets for Germany in the summer. But, I haven’t been home with the kids in 8 years so that really, really is overdue and so I got them early enough that it at least was not over $8k for the four of us. So that is a upside one really can be happy about, and therefore I embrace that I get to see my family again this summer for about 8 weeks and get to hang with them for a  bit. They will also see the youngest minion for the first time ever life and in color and I really wonder how that goes. He is soo energetic, I wonder how the grandparents gonna take it lol

But for now it is off to pay the man for the tests and then off to see some friends I haven’t seen in two weeks, gotta do something while the kids are ins school and I am only here with the youngest. Done sitting in the house all day 🙂

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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