Will It Finally Be The End ?

 Today is a day that, despite me being in a very good mood, happy, awake, and productive screams for one of those: 
My CAO (Casualty Assistance Officer) is back from school on the Eats Coast and he called a little while ago, he’s got some paperwork for me, some news about the investigations and so on…. Also a bit of paperwork I need to get, some I need to sign, and yeah, just the usual. 

Plus side: I got my taxes. Down side: hey kept a good chunk of it and I need to see what is going on with this and have to call his lawyer and some other offices to get down to the bottom of it cause the reason they kept it back should be invalid by now since the husband is deceased last year. 

So it’s a bit of a busy day but, as I said before despite me feeling like like I need that Valium latte I am in a very good mood, cleaned house, organized some and am ready to go and get some stuff for dinner as soon as we are done with that meeting. And then tonight some friends are coming by, one after the other to just talk and chill for a bit. So I’m guessing around 830pm I’m totally wiped, eventually, and am ready for a chill night. But I’m glad to see some people in my life, chat with amazing grown ups for a chance and just to enjoy my afternoon and early evening. 

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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