Exploring The PNW 

Today’s episode: Melmont Ghost Town

The kids, myself and my amazing Bonne went exploring today. It’s been an amazing, wonderful, sunny day and just a perfect day for a drive and amazing day with family.

wall remains  of storage house

A few facts about this quaint little trail and ‘ghost town’ we went to on this fine day:
It is located in NW Carbon, Mt Rainier area. The river flowing through it is the Mowich and the complete trail is 6 miles round trip.

On this hike you can find the remains of the old school house, storage and two walls of a basement of this old coal mining town, which was established in 1900. It consisted of a hotel, butcher shop, saloon, store, train depot and company houses.
Around 1918 the need for mining the coal for railroad was gone and so the economic base of that town came to an end.
In 1920 most of the remaining buildings of that town were destroyed by  fire.

lookin up at the bridge


And looking down the same bridge we just looked up at

We haven’t made it all the way around to find the actual melmont town site and the walls of the old school building but I am sure, and the way I know my darling friend, he would be up for another adventure along those lines and many more of that kind.


But for today, and seeing that I had a bit of a time frame I needed to stay in with my minions, we finished the day with lunch at this darling diner at a little airfield and the minions saw airplanes taking off constantly while eating and enjoying some sunshine. And yes, I tried to soak up as much sun as possible as well.
Over all it was a very successful morning and early afternoon that needs to be repeated when ever the family has time !!

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