Snail Mail Friendships 


this is what 18 years of friendship looks like despite 8k+ km distance


So, at first let me tell you, I love my friends!! Old and new!! This special lady I met when we are both 16 years old and on vacation in Greece. Man, time sure flew by and we always managed to stay in contact one way or another.
And here we are, 18 years later, she is still in Ulm w her little family and the house they build and I am about 8k+ km away, in my little apartment with my minions making the best out of what life threw at me, and yet we still manage to stay in contact, talk to each other quite often and keep it all alive with the snail mail we both love.

As I said a few times before if you been reading quite a it of this little life of mine, I do love snail mail and I think it is a wonderful, and more personal way to keep in touch with the people that are really dear to my heart.
Yes, I do embrace on all, or well most, the things the www has to offer and you know that aim almost everywhere online and in touch with all my friends that way but, it is nice to open your mailbox and get that little handwritten note or letter delivered to you and I cannot help it, but it always puts a smile on my face.
Therefore it was an amazing start into my weekend and, who would have guessed it, already wrote back and will be sending it off tomorrow ….


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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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