Adoptions ….A New Cat In The Casa 

There’s a new cat in town and I am very happy with this decision this time 🙂 my oldest always wanted a second cat and I have been pretty resistant up to this point. Here’s the how and why I changed my mind. 

We saw her first on Monday, reading her story me and my oldest minion got really upset. And just to tell you a bit of it…. owner didn’t wanna keep her, she’s 1.5 years old, and then someone cut off the tip of her ears and tail !!!! WHO in the world does that to an animal??? We got so angry…. 

I texted a very dear friend, told him about it, talked to him in person about it yesterday and he was on board with the why I wanted this cat and my gut feeling was as well. And: never go against your gut feeling!!! 

So, long story short: filled out papers while at the cat doc with our Binx, got the call back and got us a new cat who will be living a great life now. She is very very shy, slowly coming around and has not met the youngest and loudest minion yet but I know they’ll get along fine soon!! 

I’m very happy this cat is one we are able to give a great life to and she will come out of her she’ll and have a great companion in her life with my oldest minion and Binx by her side!! 

Pictures will follow 🙂 

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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