Another Amazing Spring Day

 We were in the 80’s today. Can y’all believe it!? It’s been amazing and I felt fantastic. This is my kind of weather, people !!! 

Spring has sprung
But the happy mood and smile that is plastered to my face has a total different reason. 

I got the best surprise last night, when a friend I believed was about to be gone for a bit and actually up in the air by that time, unexpectedly knocked on my door last night and made me very happy by doing so. To say it in his words ‘he wasn’t feeling it’ and I must say I was glad he wasn’t cause that brought him to my door 🙂 

Yes, knowing that he was gone I was totally on board with it, maybe not as much textig and all but, to be honest, he just gets me! He understands, I can be so naturally myself around him and it feels like I have known him since quite a while if not for forever. And I totally get what he is doing, saying, love how ambitious he is (that is an awesomely refreshing part I must say and I like to be with people that know what they want!) and how at home he makes me feel. 

So needless to say, that import visit last night was just what I needed and what made me smile all thorough the night. And yet, this morning I get a text and these beautiful things are on my car  and that has me still smiling, dimples and all 🙂 


my favorite flowers from my favorite person

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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