Damn people, its been quite a day yesterday. But I loved it and I wouldn’t have it any other way to  be honest. it has been a good feeling going back into running and it felt like the most natural thing to me again with out any bigger problems..
Was I in need of some extra air? Yes. Did I feel like dying here and there and especially after? Absolutely.

its been a beautiful run, although you almost killed me

But man, I am so glad I did this and babe is kicking my butt to get into shape again!! This 10k (6.2miles) is in a month and that means after this somewhat ‘quiet‘ and ‘slow‘ start I am in for some fun preparing lol. 

But honestly though, I forgot how much fun it is to run, just to get the exercise in and to feel good about it. The best thing tough: to run with someone who loves to do it as well and you feel totally comfortable with. We both died afterwards for a few minutes and just lay there in the gras but with the great weather we were having it was a little extra relaxing before we got going again 🙂

Now, while we are training for this, I can already knock out two virtual races I signed up for (5k) and then a virtual 10k while I run my actual 10k. So this is going to be one hell of a month and I hope we can keep that up for the rest of ….forever!? 


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