Exploring The Airspace Between USA And Germany

0430, my alarm starts waking me up and yes, I am guilty of hitting the snooze button about four times. Although today was to be an important day, I ned those few extra minutes. 

Got up, got coffee and cleaned the house (Always have it clean in case you are really going to leave), and did the laundry that needed to be done so the kids have all clean clothes and are set for the weekend. After all that and a second cup of coffee I started to do the really important stuff: call the offices, check on flights and have a little race against time.  

SeaTac airport. i made it.

 About three hours are left until I need to be at the airport if I want to make it. So yeah, what is a Thursday without a little extra excitement and faster heartbeat, adrenalin and praying /hoping you might actually be able to do what you were thinking and talking about these past days. Given, only two people knew what I was trying to do but I believe in keeping your inner circle as small as possible. 

And then there it is, the ok from the offices I need the ok from, the race to schools, packing a bag, and calling my dearest to give me a ride. Yes, my heart is beating faster and I find it funny that I am the calmest when I do long journeys with my kids than doing them alone. 

So here we are, after I got my green card in my hands, we race to he airport -oh how I love thee Bonne  for driving as crazy as I do- and I practically fly down the hall to the check in counter. Through the lines of the TSA with a lot of persuasion and being relentless but all I hear is 

Oh I don’t care, just go already !!

This morning will be filed under  ‘practice for the 10k’ with sprints and ruck march. I’ve done it all today and made it to gate S15 with about 15 minutes to spare. Now it was time to catch my breath, sit down for a minute or two and then I’ll be getting comfy in my seat with no legroom, preparing for a 9hrs flight to Frankfurt. Yes, I made it. I actually was crazy enough that I pulled it all off with the help from my dearest, most awesome friend living that close to me and in my heart. I am sad tho that I couldn’t bring my minions along but they will get to do that adventure in 6 weeks. 

Now I am on my plane, 6hrs to go and then another 45 minute flight and a car rental is all that will separate me from this family of mine. 

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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