16hrs Stop In Frankfurt/Main 

So…I caught my flight to Frankfurt, Germany with no problem at all. Been at the airport, dropped off by mom and youngest brother, with plenty of time to make it through the chill security since I was only flying in Germany and nowhere else -yet. 

Plane was a bit late and so I had to wait a bit, no charger for the phone which was slowly giving up on me since I couldn’t charge it at my moms as fast as I can at home.  But: turn it off, Silke. Be smart. ‘Book a cheap hotel near the airport for the night cause you didn’t sleep much, and then turn it of!’ Sure thing. Done and done. And it is and was off until I got to the hotel just now. 

The night now is €44 plus €3.50 airport shuttle at 0600 on Monday morning. Grabbed a sandwich a bit of Fanta and back into my room. I am planning on sleeping a bit so i am awake tomorrow; security, questions, no coffee at first and then gate Z is somewhere at the end of that damned airport so yeah, I need planty of time 🙂 The room itself is really nice, the small bathroom definitely enough, and the staff is amazingly friendly, helpful and always has a smile for you. I like it. 

Not planned at all and I definitely would love to be in the air right now so I can see my minions and loved ones back home in Seattle but, there is no need in crying over things you cannot change and so you just gotta make the best of it. A friend would say check out the city, go explore since you haven’t been here before but I have to say with arriving in Germany on Friday afternoon, a funeral, a birthday party until 4am this morning and the news I won’t be seeing my four people that hold my heart, I decided sleep is definitely the smarter way to go right now. Especially since everything is packed for tomorrow and I am so ready to go 🙂 

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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