Work Hard, Play Harder the motto of a lot of people I know and I am trying to live after it as well and as much as I can.
This past weekend definitely is best described under both, work and play. You guys were kept up to date on all the flying, lay over and stuff, but not as much on my actual reason(s) why I did what I did.

Friday I arrived at 1145am in my home town and had the taxi stop just in front of my favorite restaurant, owned by my four best friends (siblings), walked in there “Honey, I’m home!!” and got the first surprised faces of the day. Little did I know there were so many more to come.
For me, personally, it was good to relax with my girls first and have some coffee and a great talk before I walked to my my parent’s place and got ready for a funeral.

The faces my parents and brothers made when they saw me at the house were priceless and latest then I knew I made the right decision with going there and spending these few hours with my family. While they held the service for my grandma the sun started coming out, the rain stopped and we had awesome weather, which I believe was a blessing and just telling me that my grandparents are now happy and together again.
The only thing I could not do is sit in that little chapel with everyone. While they did all that and the music I was outside, visiting my grandpas graveside and talked to him while I heard the ceremony and music from grandma in the background. I just couldn’t say goodbye with everyone else, I needed to say my goodbyes with grandma in peace ad quiet and the undertaker, a friend of our family since I can think of, talked to me and left her in that chapel for me for a little longer so I could talk to her with no one else around. And I am very grateful that he helped me out with that.

So, after a busy Friday with plane and funeral and church I made my peace with my grandparents both gone and can now live a bit easier until I will be able to see them again in June when I will be there with the minions and show them, and tell them what amazing grandparents and what wonderful people they were!!



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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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