Crazy Little Thing Called Life

Two things hit me while running errands and then talking with the neighbors yesterday:

  1. It takes forever to build your cardio back up to where it once was
  2. Its been a week already since I was at my grandmas funeral

As for the first one, I have not been that out of breath and felt that out of shape than when I was done running yesterday. I went with a friend of mine and knew it would not be any more than only once around the lake, and still, the little bit of hills that I had to climb where a bitch.

I mean, it is, well was, the third day in a row that I was running and trying to get at least 5k in if possible. And still, I sound like I am dying every time from start to finish of my runs. I seriously start to wonder how I will hold up with that whole 10k thing coming up on me, and coming up fast at that.

And when it comes to the second one, I am just astonished how fast time flies by. I mean it already went fast once I touched ground in Germany last Friday and when I got ready to go to say goodbye to my grandma, but holy hell, it is a week later and it sure does not feel like it at all. Where did the time go? I arrived back home on n afternoon, got busy running errands on Tuesday and then I just bat my eye for one second and it is Friday, I am running again and it just hit me it is one week later. Now it is Sunday, my dad’s birthday party was one week ago and I must say that, despite all the other sad circumstance, I really had fun being at home and celebrating that day with my family and our friends. It’s been good and felt good to be home.
Glad though it was not too much longer cause I been missing my four people who are near and dear to my heart a lot.

Bottom line:
It is crazy how much and how fast time flies when you least expect it. So tell the people you love that you love them, that your are glad and thankful that they are in your life and live your life as good as you can. Never regret anything you did or do in the future and if you have to chuck it up as something you can learn from at the very least.

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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