ItWorks! Cleanse Starts Today

Today it’s been Christmas in this casa. My cleanse and two more packages of wraps are here!!

8 wraps and my 2 day cleanse just arrived

Tomorrow I will start the two day cleanse. It is 4 bottles, shake well and drink one before breakfast and one before dinner. They are formulated with two proprietary blends to work with your body to help remove toxins while delivering essential nutrients and vitamins. ItWorks! Cleanse provides a powerful cleanse without the harsh effects of other cleanses can cause.
I will be posting pictures from tomorrow morning and then two days later after the cleanse with experience I had. Of course you cannot just drink two bottles and that is it, you need to watch what you eat, as you always should and do some kind of workout if you can.
For me the workout is my running again, will be doing gym again soon as well and then I am on a wonderful almost perfect journey to a happier and healthier me. The ItWorks! Wraps help me to tighten my skin and nourish it and give me and my skin the extra kick I can use next to working out and just give me an extra ‘spa feeling’ with it all.
Do it all together and you have an extra feel good recipe that is easy to use and good for you no matter what.

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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