It’s The Finer Things In Life 

….and for me, today it’s been a trip to the German Bakery and getting some yummy goodness to make my heart happy. 

Got out with some sandwiches, chocolates, surprises for a gorgeous man, and then we made our way over to the bakery part and got some pieces of cake which we happily ate as soon as we were home. Some coffee with it and there you have it, that’s the German in me lol Some pieces are still left and will be eaten tomorrow or later tonight should I get some cravings but they will be eaten, it’s just a matter of time and when…. 

weisswurst, pretzel and sweet, bavarian mustard

On top of all that I been baking again in my own time as well. Something that you won’t find in any store and of cours does my favorite family get some as well 😉 I am happy I got someone else addicted to my red wine cake and now have even more reason to bake it more often 🙂 Other than all this, these days were pretty quiet, day one of my cleanse is done, the kids are being amazing these days and yeah, I need to find stuff to do for myself. That’s the biggest issue right now. The 10k is coming up fast and I really try to get in shape but I have a feeling it’s gonna be a very slow 10k I’ll be running on the 7th…. And then there’s Mothers Day the day after and I gotta get mysbtiff read to get to my mom 🙂 I love surprising the people that mean the world to me, also the new ones that just entered my life and heart big time.  

my lovely minions enjoying dinner and conversations

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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