Last Touches To The Casa

Here it is. Do you see this lovely box? It is the last touch this casa needs before it is completely done and everything is in its place, the way it is supposed to be.

Four weeks ago, this was ordered and with everything else going on in my life, I did not even register that this much time has passed already. And so one day I sit at home, looking around and all of a sudden it hits me ‘this table should have been here since a few weeks already’ was what came to my mind when I looked at the empty space between kitchen and living room which is right now still, kind of, sorta, occupied by an empty tough box which will be gone by latest tomorrow I hope.

So Silke goes to work.
Checking bank accounts to see if they ever took out the money for the table/cupboard, checking emails I got to see if there was any new status on the delivery or what ever else was going on. Sending out emails, going crazy, trying to get everything done and not leaving one stone unturned until I knew what has happened to my furniture.
Thing is, I do not have money just to throw it out the window. So if you don’t deliver my things, they don’t get here after this much time and it clearly is not my fault, I at least need my money back.

About two days later I get an email in my inbox from the housing management here saying I got packages waiting in the office and need to come pick them up. “Hello!? What the hell happened to ‘we leave a note in your mailbox or on your door when you got packages!’???” I mean, you surely got to be kidding me, right?! I am sitting here with everything that is going on, now not even sure if I lost some money for good or what ever else is going on and then you just go ahead and send a leisurely email that I got packages and they are apparently in that office since quite a while.
What happened to good management? Where are the people who worked in that office before you and can I have them back please? They were at least on top of everything. So please do not get me started on my bathroom light that is still out cause you are ‘doing inventory and need to order lights first’…..

Anyways, I am getting off topic here with my little fun-filled management rant and didn’t mean to, sorry folks.
Where was I? Oh yea, the table. So, since I have got this now out of the office and successfully down the stairs to my apartment I will spend today on building it and remaking my kitchen and coffee niche. It will be amazing and everything in that little niche is ready and just waiting for it to be completed. I am totally stoked, folks!! Coffee galore and in the best placeĀ ever lol. At least when it comes to this building lol.

Picture update will follow as soon as everything is up and running. Promise.

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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