Steak Dinner 

Something I made out of the only reason to calm down and it turned out very well I have to say. 

Pasta, cooked

Steak, medium rare and seasoned 

White wine

Alfredo sauce (this time I used 2 packages mixed in with 2 cups of milk and a bit of butter) 

Peas (2 cans)

How to 

Season and cook the steak medium rare and cut it into pieces, put on a plate and I tothe oven to keep it warm   

While he steaks are being cooked, prepare the pasta and mix up the sauce; 2 cups of milk, a bit of white wine and the Alfredo packages. Boil it in the pan which you cooked the steaks in and once it bubbles put the steak pieces back in and keep them warm until the pasta is cooked and the peas are as well. 

Then just serve it up, and enjoy. The Alfredo will be a bit darker because you cooked it in the pan which you cooked the steak in and it is the perfect taste with a hint of wine which you will enjoy and find it goes perfectly with the steak. 

Now get on cooking and enjoy some really good and easy prepared dinner. 

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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