When Summer Finally Arrives…

…and you are just not ready yet. This is the state of mind I am in right now.
In my sane mind I know that for my age, for a mom of three and all I been through I really do not look too bad you could say. But, in the summer state of mind and going through my, not too many clothes owning, closet I could scream right now. Find a Genie who would grant me three wishes or buy a whole new wardrobe.

I am nowhere near where I usually am in size when summer arrives or where I wanted to be by now. It is May. I am leaving for summer vacation in June, and I really wanted to look better by now than I am actually doing these days.
It is frustrating to be honest. I know I been slacking with my eating; I need to get that on track again, and then it is more water again as well, more tea and just cut out all the sugar again. I need to get more exercises in again as well and really am hoping that my mind-set will be so much better and that after the race tomorrow I will be in better shape again and happier with what I have actually accomplished so far already.

The bad thing is, no matter what I will end up wearing, after I went through my whole  closet I will end up not liking anything and eventually start pulling on every piece of clothing I end up wearing cause in my mind it is not what I envisioned for the day or how it was supposed to fit or anything like that.
I really, really need to get out of that funk; not let this influence me as much as it always does. And I been good with that for quite a while actually, really have been. I did not care, loved my clothes and the way they looked and saw that I was on the way to get better in weight, shape and overall well-being. And then a day like today rolls around and I am down. Not seeing anything positive in where I am already and where I came from.
This needs to change !! 

I want to enjoy my summer days, I want to enjoy the journey to a better me and better life and I want to lift people around me up and not bring em more down.
So I guess this is it, rant over and from now on I will find something to wear and enjoy this wonderful summer day and look forward to the race tomorrow….

#ThankYou #GladIGotYou #You’reRight

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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