…yes, I think that is what you could call this. 


Hamburger meet, seasoned w salt, Worcester sauce, paprika

Hard boiled eggs, I boiled 12 and got about 3 left which will be eating by the minions in no time 

Tomato sauce, either use one out of a glass or make one out of chicken broth and tomato paste 

How to 

get everything ready so you can work woth no interruption
peel the eggs
place eggs in center of meatball and close it up nice and tight
place balls into the sauce and let it cook until they are done

It always helps when you have a cute, little minion that is eager to help and makes cooking so much more fun than it already is. 

Serve it with rice and I will be melting cheese over the balls a few minutes before I serve them. 

Enjoy !!!