Exploring: Mt Rainier

It’s been a day of freedom and going off grit for a while, which I think we all need ever once in a while.
The better half and I went up to Mt Rainier on Wednesday while my car got some detailing done and although we were not planning on spending a whole day, time kind of ran away from us a bit and we, in fact, did spend a good chunk of our day there.

The ride was grand and I think we both enjoyed it very much, just to ride and be happy and content with life in that moment. Once inside the National Park, we got some coffee to warm up from the inside out before we made our way up to Paradise, to check out the Mountain, Visitor Center and the Lodge. Sadly last one will open on May 20 for the new season so we were a few days early with that one.

But, we always find something to do, checked out the visitor center, played in the snow, got amazing pictures, enjoyed the view of Mt Rainier which was nice and clear at one point so you could actually see the top and just had fun and enjoyed the moment that time stood still….
And when we looked at the time again, it was way later than we thought and we started to make our way down again before we get caught in the rain.

But of course, knowing me and the better half, we could not make it down without enjoying great views, a few small hikes to waterfalls and bridges over waterfalls and enjoy the last few minutes of clean air before the rain.
And so we really just lived in the moment, enjoyed a day of freedom and kind of shut the rest of the world out to reset our batteries again for the busy city which we would eventually encounter again, once we were off the mountain and in cell phone range of everyone.

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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