About Four Weeks Left

…and then I will b on my way to Germany with the minions and a weird feeling in my stomach that will hopefully be gone by then.

Right now this hit me though and I got all kinds of weird feeling in my stomach. Nervous mostly. If I would allow it I would even start a slight panic attack right now and would start going over everything I need for the trip, what I have/don’t have, what I need to get over there, the plan on how to do that with the flights and all the lay overs I will encounter with three minions and so on.
Or not quite yet?!

It’s crazy, I know. I been flying so many times. Around the damn world for that matter. With kids. Without kids. Layovers, no layovers. And still, here I am, sitting and I have to be careful that this emotion does not overtake my whole being, mind and body or I am done for for today.
Talk about issues, huh!?

*deep breaths, in and out* I have to remind myself every time this comes up and tries to overrun me with everything it got. I don’t even know what I am worried about. Because one thing is for sure:
Once I am at the airport, I am good. Then, again, once I am in Paris, and have found the information I need, I will be fine again. It is enough lay over time every time (there and back home) that I really can make it with three minions and enough time left so it will work out just fine. I think I will just have to start to write my check list, hang it on my fridge and start checking off and packing away the things I have so my mind is more at easy every time I see that list and really know I have nothing to worry about…..

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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