Memorial Day Weekend 

…and the aftermath from the little breakdown yesterday. 

Although going out was initially my first thought, with everyhting goin on I, in the end, did not do that. A few told me to force myself to go out and have some grown up time which, if I wouldn’t be sick, would have totally been the thing I’d do, but yesterday I just couldn’t. 

Took my medicine, for some tea, comfy clothes and off to bed I went with a movie. Talked to K real quick that we will do this ladies night thing next Thursday, and she as totally fine with it. Talked to my better half for a second before I totally zoomed out, passed out and drifted off to dreamland. 

But only to be woken up by the youngest minion around 2am while he was climbing into bed and over me to get comfortable for his second round of sleeping. He just loves my bed. And that is totally ok. As long as he is sleeping and not trying to stay awake for forever. 

Now, this morning I gotta say I am a bit better. Ok, the legs are still pretty sore from the workout two days ago, but that’s a whole other story. My throat tho and head are a bit better and I woke up not as in pain as I thought. So, maybe with a bit of luck, my run today will sweat out the rest of the sickness in me and a bath tonight will completely finish it off so I can enjoy my weekend and go hiking with my minions. Was thinking about Franklin Falls  tomorrow when I am at my A game again. But we’ll see how it’s going. 

As for Memorial Day, I hope that you all enjoy your weekend, shopping trips, BBQ, and what ever else it is you all will be doing on your days off, but please take a second to remember the once that gave their lives for you to be able to do all of the above today and so much. There are families out there that are not as fortunate to be complete, families that are grieving the loss of a mother, father, brother, sister, husband or wife and to them this weekend means so much more !!! Please, keep them in your thoughts and prayers. 

Thank you !! 

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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