WA to CO…weekend roadtrip


“What are you doing tomorrow? Are you home?”

“Yeah I’m home. Not doing much.”

“Alright! I’ll text you when I’m on the road!”


This here is how your weekend should start. Especially if it is a three or four-day weekend and you wouldn’t be doing anything else anyways.

After this conversation, I texted the better half if he might be up for it, but first we have to work hard and that is not done yet; so it’s been me and the boys ready to leave an hour later and to cross Wyoming, Utah and Colorado off my list off of States I drove through/visited.



Quite a few hours, few tanks of gas and fun times later we reached Utah at 11:59pm which means 4 States in a day. With epic music, the boys about ready to go to sleep and me somewhat ready to get there lol

At 3am though I was the one who called it quits for a bit and after we got gas, we parked, laied back and took a nap for 30 minutes. And it was just what I needed. Our last bit through Utah was rewarded with a gorgeous sunrise and Wyoming’s backyard is most definitely where Frodo and Samweis run through the Shire on their way to find Gandalf to be sent on their journey to Modor ….just saying 😉

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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