Where Has The Time Gone?

To me it feels like it’s only been January/February yesterday, I just booked the trip home and got everything ready for the boys passports and everything else I needed for that. And now, I woke up after another night of peaceful sleep and it is June. June 2nd to be exact and I once more just know why I hate to not have everything up to me. I got a reminder, once more, why I dislike to have to wait on other people/the government when, what ever plans I am having, most of it should be up to me.

Where are the times when you got on a boat, took a ‘little trip’ and six weeks later you just stepped onto the land you were visiting with out all this crazy amount of paperwork, or having to worry about that you wont be able to come back here anymore once you left for a few weeks or anything like that?!?

Where are the days when getting a passport was easy and did not have to be all this paperwork, certificates and huge amount of money you have to pay all the time?

And with all of this, you can imagine I had somewhat of a bad day, slight break down and a feeling of ‘fuck this I am not going anywhere anymore, I am done with this!’ for most of the day.
Then I brushed it off after I got back from the postoffice, sat down, wrote the travel agency to see what is going on with the flights if I can/could change the dates on it. Got back with the CAO of mine in terms of the last briefing that is end of June now and today I have to make a few more calls regardign the visa/green card of my daughter so this is all squared away before we leave.
I mean, maybe it had to be this way? Maybe I need to have those extra four weeks to really get everything done, ready and to enjoy this vacation back home without anything hanging over my head…

I just know that after all is said and done, I will still come out on top, got am amazing supprt field here and my better half is always there to give advice, or hugs , or what ever I need and that I sometimes just can’t change life’s plan and it is always best to just go witht he flow.
That is mainly the reason why I rather pack up and go see places whenever I feel like it and not on set dates, times and restrictions by others, but I guess when you have to go across the big pond you kind of need the help of others lol
But, I will be back to my hippie personality before I have to leave and once I am back again. Lots more road trips and such to come with those lovely minions of mine. Have the children see places, meet new people and give them a childhood they like to remember….

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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