The 12k Sunday Sight Seeing Run

remember those guys?!?
Our little sight-seeing run today was all about the 10 Things I hate about you and it’s been a blast.
We started shortly after 9am, the better half and I, and made it to the house first, about 1km into the run.
After that little running break we went on for a while, through the park which was nice and shaded since the sun has been blasting pretty good already and then on to Stadium High School.

And now let me tell you, people, this is the best looking, most amazing High School there is!! It was a hotel before it got turned into a High School, and it’s just amazing… “Can I got back to school for one year, please?”
We walked around, too a break after the first five miles and then we went around the school and to the Football field. The gates were closed and after watching a few people climbing over gates to get in and out, and working out down there the next words to the better half were “Ok, we are going in there!” (Or something to that affect!)
And that was what we did. Phone tucked in to the side of my shorts I started climbing up and over the fence, into the stadium bowl.

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So once we qwew in, my legs got an even better workout with some nice but pretty steep stairs, a little run around the track and back up the other side of the stairs again. It’s been quite  day and with all my fear of heights I didn’t exactly run down those stairs but, it’s been good and I faced my fear, the same with climbing over fences and all….

The way home has been a steady 5k run and then my phone went dead, at a nice almost 10k. The last 2k the better half recorded on his phone and its been grand. I can tell you guys, sight-seeing runs are definitely underrated and we need to do them more often. Did you ear me, better half?!? lol

#ThankYou for an amazing and fun start to this rather hot Sunday and a great walk by the ocean, and up the hill …

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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