One Week Is Already Gone By Again

..and so much has happened. With some appointments coming up which could not be changed and me having to wait on one more passport and such, I had to reschedule the flight dates to next week instead of tomorrow and am now, again, scrambling to get it all done.
I had a few bad days, cause I started quite early with all the preparations and waiting on other people to get stuff done and send to me which I need for leaving and coming back to this country is really exhausting to me. The ideal trip: I just pack up and go when ever and where ever I can and want to go. No waiting on others. No paperwork. No money to pay for every little thing I need…. Wouldn’t that be a nice thing?! A girl can dream, right??

So, after all that hit the fan, and I had a mini break down, I packed up the kids and my better half and we went up to the mountain. The room was reserved a week before but it couldn’t have come at a better time to be honest.
We started the journey on Saturday, got there, got the room and off we went to play in the snow. The boys had so much fun… It was so good to see that we all had a blast and enjoyed the snow in June. Dinner at the Inn and then just enjoying the fireplace, comfy setting and some games. Note to self: Bring board games when you get up there the next time….
Once the boys were in bed, the better half and I got up, just enjoyed the Inn, the view, explored it a bit and night outside wasn’t too cold either. But sadly, no stars to be seen that night. Next time, definitely next time.

Sunday we enjoyed an amazing early view of the mountain, all clear and one was able to see that beauty and blue skies. Went back to play a bit in the snow, then off to visitor center, watch a movie with the boys about the mountain, and then we started our way down again.
Next stop: Comet Falls Trail and the amazing view onto the Falls
The boys did great with that one and that will be a tale for the next entry. One tale at a time and enjoy reliving the moment. I am just glad we went, we had a good time and were able to plug out of the crazy fast, cell phone, 24/7 availability of our lifestyle and to be off the grit for a weekend.

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