Exploring: Comet Falls… A Sunday Hike

We left the Inn Sunday morning at 7 to put all of our stuff into the car, enjoy the snow a bit more with the boys and then, after breakfast, our first stop was the visitor center with the boys to get some movie in about Mt Rainier and to chill for a bit before we headed down the Mountain again and off to our next adventure:
Comet Falls 

Because the weather wasn’t as cold as the day before, the sun was out since early morning there were quite some people all over the place, parking, looking, hiking, or just enjoying the mountain.
As we parked and got out the car, the boys were pretty excited and after we got everything taken care off, we made or way toward the start of the trail.
The trail is a bit over 3k one way and both the boys been hiking it all by themselves with no bigger complaints.
Especially after the better half started/created a zombie hunt with the boys, found weapons and they kids had to fight off zombies along the way, to make it to the top to have the end battle, they were hopping, jumping, skipping happily along the way: switch backs, hills, rocks, roots and all….

Once we made it to the top, we got rewarded with an amazing view, some granola bars for lunch and some, pretty cold  water spraying us from the fall. Even me, with all the problems I have with heights, have enjoyed every little and big step along the way and the view.

The way down took us only about 45 minutes, seeing that I piggy backed the youngest, who can blame him, the little legs were tired from all the walking, and it was down hill…. But we made it and everyone had a really good time nonetheless. Kids were glad to see the car again though and we went out the Park and on to dinner after that hike. We all deserved some good food and the plus: A restaurant in an old train is every little, and big, boys dream after all 🙂

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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