Rearranging Is What I Need

After my little butt was back from the mountain and the well deserved time out, the weather really was not too much in my favor and I had to slow down quite a bit and didn’t go running for about three days in a row. I hated it.
With every passing day, I got more blah and moody and I really , really needed to do something about it.

My breaking point came when I sat around on Wednesday, nothing to do, weather still crappy, cold and rainy and the boys been cooped up with that as well and therefore developed a real I don’t care mood, I knew I had to do something.
That something was going to bed, waking up bright and early the next day with some sunshine, a cup of coffee and enough motivation to get up and going. 20160617_161646000_iOS

So that was what I did and about 5 hours later the house was cleaned from top to bottom, rearranged the living room, got the laundry done and got my run date with the better half. Yay. Life made sense again lol. Life went back to how I knew it with me as a busy bee, no more moodiness and off to running I went.
Met the better half, went up to Point Defiance and ran the 5 mile drive. 8.7k and it was good. I personally felt like I was a bit off yesterday, but I think that was just the three days of no running that put a dent into my stamina, but I completed it with only a little bit over an hour and a 7 minute mile 🙂

So, it is fair to say I am back to my old self, and the rainy day will not face me in any way

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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