Today Is The Day ….Final Briefing 

It is 0716, I am parked at the beach, caramel mocha in hand, and just enjoying the peace and quiet this place always gives me before I have to go and do that final briefing. 

My life has been turned upside down, made a 360, and got put down like “hello, you are not in Kansas anymore”…. It’s been a long journey, two years now, and the toughest part was the last year and is still going on for bits and pieces here and there with the minions, teenagers, and just in general putting it back together. I met the better half, K who became an amazing friend, and reconnected with a few old ones which is not bad at all although I cleaned out my ‘friend list’ enormously these past two years. 

this is food for the soul
I do know though how today, and the meeting will go; so there won’t be any real surprises there at least. I have gotten the initial report and everyhting already, I read through it, I know what they will tell me and I am glad that I know. If I wouldn’t, I might get really shocked cause it is all just written out of one point of view only, and since it’s the Army, one can maybe guess who’s point that is. 

Now, I will say nothing bad about my brigade or even commander in this place cause these people have been the best Chain of Command we have had in all these years of being in the Army and stationed here in WA. They been there for me, and tried to be there for him, as much and as best as they could and I still am happy when I see any of these guys, no matter where or when. 

Now, my dear, drink your coffee, soak up some sun and peace for your soul and get to it!! It’ll be over soon enough and then you’ll be putting in that run you need to, to get rid of that stress …… Good Morning World 


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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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