Things That Go Bump In The Night

…are definitely my upstairs neighbors furniture, kids, dogs and whoever and what ever else they got up there. It is really getting to a point where I either don’t hear it anymore (as I always got used to the helicopters and planes when we lived near the airfield on post) or I just ignore it to the best that I can; until it is 2am once more and you wake up cause their whole furniture just shifted from one room into another. 
Or at least it feels like it. 

But seriously, let’s think about this. About 4 months ago or so they moved in. Yes, I know I am all the way on the bottom and yes, I knew I won’t be ‘neighbor less’ forever. 
Therefore I give people the benefit of the doubt and calculate the moving of furniture into my nights for the first, let’s say, 2-3 weeks. It is fact that it always takes a bit til you know where things should go, you can’t move a lot during the day with two very young kids, and so on. 

Now fast forward 4 months and we still have the shuffling, door banging, yelling, smoking (and their cigarette butts off the balcony down on my little bit of outside space I have) and more furniture shuffling that I either awake at 2am or can’t even go to sleep until they are done with it. 
Well, you might suggest talking to them, right?
I been there and done that and quite frankly I do not really think they give too much of anything unless you threaten to tell the management and you, and especially your young kids, need some sleep at night cause we are actually out and enjoying family time and the summer break by doing things. 

After the lady upstairs, yeah let’s call her that from now on, had a huge fall out on the phone this morning which she apparently didn’t mind belting into the world since she stop somber blasted balcony, it’s been quiet today. No kids shuffling, no telling, no furniture moving and yeah, it’s almost scary lol It is the occasional footsteps at night when someone gets a glass of water or goes to the bathroom (as of right now, 3am) but other than that….relatively quiet. 

I will, however, still be going upstairs tomorrow and talk to them about their damn cigarette butts in front of my porch door cause I have a toddler playing who does not need to play with them, and I don’t want to see other peoples dirt and cigarettes there either. Cause let’s call it as it is: no matter what I went through I was always able to find a trash can, dispose of my trash the way one needs to and it is not too much to ask for others to do the same !!

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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