Amerithon Challenge 

Weigh in: 66.5kg 
lost: .5kg
running: at least 5k every other day

My newest obsession next to all the ‘smaller’ 5k and 10k I am still doing and getting my bling for. 

Basically it’s like any other virtual race I am doing since a few months again now. You pick your distance, place and time in which you gonna run it.  
And then you just get up, make up your mind, and you go.

This one you basically pick if you hike, run, walk, swim, bike and/or if only running miles count or your daily walked miles…. However it’s good for you to keep moving and keep yourself on top of it. 

I just started, official start was July 4th, and am doing it by myself. It’ll take me at least a year but I will  get it done !! 
I know I can do it and the different parts, sections of the run you can put on your bling when you completed it. 
So there you have it, 3521 miles, 13 States, west to east coast and a ton of fun …. 

Next to that I decided that I will finally get my gym membership so I can work on them weights again, them abs, get to swimming again and next on the list is meal plans. Healthy, healthy, healthy…..that mommy tummy needs to go. And although I am already kinda proud of how far I’ve come since three months with running and all, I know there is so much more potential there and I just need to tab into that and unleash that somehow. 
I know I can do so much more ….. 

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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