Medals And Other Shenanigans

Yesterday I officially earned my newest medal, the Pacesetter challenge one. Did my four races I spun with it, two 5k and two 10k ones and man, it’s good to now claim this as officially done as well.

Last night my lovely neighbors upstairs kept on going extra loud with all their moving, jumping, buckets and what not. So, since I couldn’t sleep anyways, I started documenting that sh** and came up with quite a list. Include all the things that management yet has to come by and fix it’s been about two pages of printed things that could have been resolved a long time ago but management chose not to fix just yet apparently. But I swear that once I am done and they get sick of seeing me in there every other day and then every day, they will get around to fix my things, get rid of my water damage and found a solution for the noisy neighbours.

Next wonderful thing coming up is my Hula run, I will probably make it a 10k, cause it’s fun and running felt really good lately, plus I need the mileage toward my Amerithon Challenge, still got about 50 to go to the next big marker. Since I am doing it solo, no biking and just running, walking or hiking it takes me a little bit longer than usual or many others but I will do it and finish strong and as best as I can. I am excited, people. And soon there will be muscles to be build as well as I am currently looking into Gym memberships and all I can do for that. Not getting a treadmill for my little apartment just yet, but I might see that happening in the near future…maybe once I actually have an actual bedroom I can use lol

It hasn’t been one hour until I went to the office when maintenance guy showed up at my door with light bulbs and everything he needs to check out water damage and all. Getting a new bathroom door and the kitchen will be fixed as well… yay lol




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