A Bit OF Frustration These Days

I have not been as active as I wanted to be although I been either running, walking or doing some kind of exercise almost every day and been going stir crazy on my rest day on Saturday.
Yet, my weight has gone up again, and it is frustrating me. I know why though. These past days I been out a lot, living the good life with either my minions or my friends, and been eating out twice instead of cooking at home. That is the main reason why I always gain weight so easily. I hate it. And I always regret it the day after when I see that scale.

But, despite the numbers on the scale, I am taking my before and after pictures which I surprised the better half with the other day, cause I never mentioned them before and one can see quite some change already. I am on the right path, I do know that I am and now my goal is not to let minor set backs get into my way of things. To get out there again, probably making it the mornings again and go running at least 5k which is easily done and then work on the rest of my body at home until I got a good gym to go to. Plan for that is to start it up August 1st. Lets cross our fingers, shall we?!

Other than that I will be in need of a chiropractor appointment soon to get my back in check again and to top of the wonderful list of workouts I been seriously playing with the thought of going back to dancing and to start swimming again. Swimming is really good for your back which I am in dire need of having muscles back, and I love how you carry yourself again after you been dancing for a while….There is nothing better if you ask me and to be honest I just miss dancing and the fun that comes with it. The question there is ballroom or latin or both!?! We’ll see…..

Now I wish you all a great week, get out there and get moving and I am off to get some running or some kind of exercise in for now…. Thanks for readin and baring with me, pictures fo that journey will follow soon

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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