My Thoughts About What’s Going On ‘Back Home’ In Germany 

Terror attack in Ansbach Germany
Here is my five cents and what I think about everything that happens back home after the last attack really brought my hometown into the middle of all of this as well: read it or don’t, don’t care. Tell me what you think it not. After this I’m done talking bout it like this. This is my opinion since quite a while and I am 95% sure I’m not alone with it !!

Since his paperwork to stay in Germany got denied, he had a criminal record and tried suicide before, he should’ve gotten deported!! Do I sound cold? To some maybe but fact is: if my paperwork here would’ve gotten denied, or I had a criminal record while waiting for it to be done, I would have had to leave this country I call home right now, immediately. There needs to be change in how Germany handles all these people that wanna come in, stop giving them the newest houses/apartments and all that money every month which is more than our retires make a month. And then they think our government should pay for them to go ‘home’ on vacation?! If I wound try that notion here, this government wound laugh at me and tell me to feel free to leave and not bother coming back !!! 

Now, I’m not saying all of these people are the same but: you come into a new country, you want to live there, then do it the right way, work for your money, pay for the place you want to live in, adapt to your new countries lifestyle and don’t think the country has to adapt to yours !!!

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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