Rest Day….Why Do I Dislike You So Much?

So, today was rest day. A day full of rest. A day full of “I am so bored cause I am not doing anything and my brain is going coo coo!” Why is that, cause muscles ain’t build when you are constantly on the go. By the time 2130 rolled around I was done. My brain totally on “wtf mode” and so I decided to calm down, detox a bit and, sit down if you are not already, Take. A. Bath. Yes you heard right! Take a bath!!

  img_9183First Bath in Forever. Literally forever. At least three years. I usually just take showers, mostly because I can’t sit still. There you have it lol. Showers are easy peasy, in and out and you are done and can either go on with your life or go to bed nice and clean. A bath  on the other hand, a bath is a whole different story.

Forced to sit still, to soak or what ever it is you do while taking a bath and not fast at all or it would be a waste of water…. But, since I bought a whole new pack of Epsom salt and had a rather stressful day toward the end, I decided to take one. Not because I wanted to but because I needed it. My legs and feet did a lot of work these past months and especially on Saturday with the summit of Mt Si after a 7k run (hence the rest day in the first place) so I was really hoping I’d be doing better after this.

And this, my friends, is how I ended up here, in the tub, soaking the time away and kinda impatiently waiting till the soak time is over and I can fall into bed, relaxed and cozy warm.

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

One thought on “Rest Day….Why Do I Dislike You So Much?

  1. You’re the first person in the world who feels the same way about baths that I do! Or at least used to… Since getting married I’ve slowly gotten used to them. I still prefer showers though, as they feel like I’m washing the day off.

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