Recap Of This Last Week

We are about half way through summer break, maybe a bit more I think, and I been planning out hikes, play grounds, explorations with the minions to keep them busy and occupied compared to just sit in the house and be bored 24/7. 

June 16, 2016: 
The boys don’t know it yet when we got ready but, it’s going to be the date of their first mountain summit !! 

And boy did they good!!! We checked it Snoqualmie Falls first, and then moved on to Mt Si. Little Si to be exact cause I wasn’t sure how well they’d do with everything but, they were troopers and had fun all the way up and back down. 
And next to crossing two more hikes off my to do list of hiking a wonderful day has passt with a summit they won’t forget 🙂

After this, I of course have my mornings runs no matter what and been planning another hike for the boys and myself. Started gym again with a friend and we just chilling most the time. Next to some splash park fun when the weather is just getting too hot outside. 

June 31, 2016: 
We set out to pick up Tylers friend and then off to a little ghost town I found online and sounded good enough to check out and make and adventure out of it. 

two Tylers, one Gabriel and one old bank vault
We set out, packed our things and found he old bank vault from this ghost town of Bordeaux, WA. Sadly though, when we went south, across the river, there was not much else left despite what my little info on it said. But the kids had fun crawling through trees, checking out the vault and I think they’d just have had a bit more fun if there were a bit more of the old ruins left. 

Afterwards it was hiking and playground at flaming geyser state park and it was a good end to a fantastic day. Because who doesn’t like playgrounds, the woods and running around when you are out on a nice summer day!? 

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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