Exploring: Iron Gate Trail 

This Wednesday hike got us up into the Mt Baker National Forest Region, up to the Iton Goat Trail. 
Its a hike particularly interesting for children since they get to see and explore old rail road tunnels, where the Northern Pacific line once has their trains going up, down and through the mountain. 

The trail stretches for about 6mikes round trip, we only did the lower portion since we had a dog with us as well and that back and forth also came to a good 6mike day hike, which took us about 4.5 to 5 hours with lots of great views, snack breaks and tunnel exploring along the way. 

The railway first was built in the Cascades in 1893 and was thought to be best engineered railway. After some tricky weather in the mountains in 1910 cause an avalanche and lots of snow to come falling down in the railways, they started building the tunnels(1916) and snow walls(1913) to prevent that from happening again. 

the wall they build to prevent the snow from crashing onto the tracks

With the wall, tunnels, and little bridges the kids will have a lot to explore and you can make an amazing day out of it. I know that we all enjoyed this day hike very much. 
It took us about 2.5hrs to get there andthen of course 2.5 hrs to get back which really made it a day hike and we were home, happy and tired, by anout 930pm.
So, on our little hiking list that was hike #4 we did and I still got a few more to go with the family and a few more planned without the children, over night hikes and some beautiful waterfalls and sceneries along the way. 
So pack your bags, don’t forget the bug spray, get your kids and let’s go on an amazing adventure 🙂  

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