Exploring: Rattlesnake Ledge

When you just have to go up a Mountain make sure it is a good one.
Friday afternoon, errands are all done, meeting up with the better half was arranged for what was supposed to be a quick stop first, but then while talking about our plans, he asked if I would be interested in tagging along.
A quick talk with the oldest minion, last stop in our errand world, and when he was ready to hit the road I was as well and waiting to be picked up.

First stop: A friends house to meet up and pile in a car that will take us over to Rattlesnake Mountain since we took his gorgeous, yes I’m in love, bike to his friends place.  From then on it was four funny people, one car and the road to adventure.

view from the ledge

Second stop:Rattlesnake Ledge. The small Ledge is about a 4 mile round trip, gaining about 1160 ft with the highest point being 2078 ft. The views are absolutely gorgeous and I could have stayed on top there for so much longer.
But, since we started a bit late, the sun was setting already when we made it up there. The Ledge itself is a exposed large rock with sheer cliffs so please, if you should be on your way up there with kids or dogs, approach carefully so no one gets hurt by being too enthusiastic and/or storming up there. Thank you.

If you should be the one that started your hiking day early, you can always extend your trail and hike by just adding to the adventure and going up another 2.4 miles to the East Peak or, if you are really up for it, to Snoqualmie Park which is another 8.3 miles away. The choice is yours to make, my friend. But I am sure it will only get better the higher you get up there. And coming from someone that conquers her own fear of heights with every step toward the ledge, every hike that goes higher and higher, it means a lot.


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