Is It Time For School Yet??

We made it through most of our Summer Break without any bigger complications, but now, roughly two weeks left, the kids are going crazy.
We are on a constant daily basis of whining, crying, complaining and not knowing anymore what to do.

He’s not playing with me !!
Why can’t I just be left alone all day?
I hate you! No, I hate you!

It is going crazy in this house, and I must say, I decided to let them fight it out on their own for most the time cause, honestly, I cannot listen to it all anymore. I have been playing referee for the majority of every single day, no matter if it is between the boys, or between the oldest and one, or both, the boys…I need a break. A vacation from the vacation so to speak.

Thank god, tomorrow is planned for another hike with the minions while the weather is awesome and warm and just screams for us to go outside, and on Monday I’ll be out hiking with the better half and friends but no minions so Mom can get some alone, relax time in while she still can and there is the oldest minion at home to watch the younger minions… Gotta take advantage of that while I can, you know!?

As for today, there is a fest in Tacoma where I might stop by later on for a while, 21+ and the downside to all these fest here, you always have to pay a cover. Why is that? Are people worried they wont make enough money with the ridiculous high prices they charge for food and drink? Or what is it with these cover fees? I understand that concept when you go to a club or a bar or something like that but when you go to a fest?!?
Anyways, I might do that later on for a while, since the better half is working there today, and before that I will get the minions ready in a few minutes and then it’s playground time!! Have them run around, tire themselves out to the point where they are either too tired to fight and argue or just plain and simple take a nap lol.

Gotta think of something to get past these last few weeks of  Summer Break…..

Enjoy your day and weekend guys and make the best of the summer weather!!



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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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