Exploring: Mount Defiance, Mason Lake 

There it was, Monday morning and she had wuite a few errands to run first before she could pack her things and pick up her other half for a day filled with friends, sunshine and mountain views. 

It was about noon when they all arrived at the  Ira Springs trail head and to get started with the hike. Their goal for today was to make it up to Mt Defiance, or at least Mason Lake to take a little break and dip in the lake. Cause for all she knew, at least her and her better half brought swimming stuff and were ready to have a good time. 

Mason Lake, water as clear as can be

She felt like she kind of overpacked when she started but, after a while she found it was good to have a few extra things, seeing some hadn’t brought enough. And being the mom she is, she always has a few extra snacks and goodies in her backpack to share with others in need. Although she didn’t talk much on her way up the mountain she thoroughly enjoyed the. Jews, company of people and the summer sunshine, warm across her skin and the blue sky giving way to the most amazing views and Mt Rainier. 

Mt Rainier peaking through and looking as fabulous as ever

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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