Exploring: Dog Mountain

It is Wednesday morning, the sun is already shining and out in the sky by the time I have the minions ready for our trip down south. The initial plan was to stay a little bit closer to home as some may say and just have an easy hike with the minions on a wonderful summer day.
But when I asked a friend of mine if she wanted to join me with her boys and she told me that one of them never been really far from home or anywhere down south, I went ahead, changed the plan on a short notice and that is how Dog Mountain happened.

Around noon we were all in the car, of course she overslept and I had to work on my patience and the ultimate goal of mine to just go with the flow and make the best of any situation that comes along my way, and started our little day trip.
Three hours of driving the most scenic route, stopping off once Mt St Helens came into wonderful view and also to get the kids out of the car a bit.

After this little break, it took us another one and a half hours to make it down to Dog Mountain. But let me tell you, once we were there it was just amazing.
While driving you could see the Columbia River Gorge to your right while the Mountain came up to your left. Just gorgeous.

Dog Mountain has an elevation of 2948 ft and it’s a bit of a steep, but short 3.8 mile climb to the summit, with a few occasional flat parts in between.
The first half mile or so was a very steep climb with a few switch backs but then the trail splits into two forks, one is 2.2 miles to the summit and the other one is 2.6 miles to the summit.
Aside from the amazing view of the Gorge you can also see Mt Hood and the views there during the summer month are just gorgeous

The thing I like about Dog Mountain it is an easy hike and with four people in my party that have never hiked or done anything like that before, it took us about 3 hours to get up and back down.
Also, if you are just driving by, seeing it and think “I just wanna get up there right now” but don’t have any passes with you, don’t worry!! You do not need any passes to park and go for a hike. If that aint wonderful news, I don’t know what is….

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