It’s A Mom’s World

It’s Monday morning. Early Monday morning. 630am to be exact and the house is quiet.

I been up since 330am, but didn’t go to sleep until some time after 2am. I just couldn’t sleep. Ok, it might not have been helping a lot that the youngest ‘shared’ the bed with me which, overall, just means that he climbed in, sprawled out and then turned every few minutes and at one point just takes over the bed.
By the time I finally had a few centimeters of mattress to myself, it was about time to get up. Never mind the fact that I ran last night. For the first time in a few months and actually could have used some good sleep to be honest. I just felt ‘done’. You know when you have had a really, really good run, totally got into that runner mojo as the better half calls it and you get home, take a shower, are all clean, comfy in your pajamas, cooking dinner and once it’s all over and done with you just wanna crawl into bed tired and done with the day.

This morning though I was thankful for my oldest, she got up with me although she didn’t get to bed any earlier than I did, and went to the airport with me to pick up a friend coming back home from her one week trip to Alaska.
Alaska….a state I want to experience for myself one day. Maybe not during the winter, but definitely during the Summer, when there’s light and not as cold as during Winter time. (But I digress….)
After we finally found that girl, and luckily got to the airport before all the craziness started we were back home by 550am and while she went to sleep, I got to cleaning out the boys’ bed. Why you ask? Well, you see what had happened was……. lol
But seriously, the middle one forgot a bottle in the upstairs bed and buried it conveniently under all kinds of blankets and what not. So, by the time I wanted to grab a blanket, I found that bottle plus a really, really bad smell emerging from under there….I still got that smell in my nose and I think I wont be able to get rid of it that easily…and I am done with trying to clean anything when it gets to a certain point and I don’t know what all happened or as long it’s been there.
So this Mama didn’t wait too long, grabbed two trash bags and started packing up blankets and pillows and what ever else came in contact with the bottle, the smell and everything else nasty and off to the trash it went. No mercy.

Who ever has kids knows what a challenge parenting sometimes is and I know just have to get the middle one off of the ‘storing habit’ which he started when life really took a turn for the worst in 2014, and honestly, I can be glad he has not shown any other, bigger problems with all that was going on, as hasn’t the youngest which is a good sign in my opinion that I pulled the break soon enough for them not to be permanently damaged so to speak.
But this little food and drink hording/storing is something I need to break or he is going to run into quiet some problems at one point sooner or later.

So yeah, I kept all but one blanket (the one that was furthest away from all the mess) and threw that one into the wash as soon as the rest was in the garbage bins. Now its 645am, and I am waiting on my alarm to go off so I can put the blanket into the drier and then it’s time to do the dishes when I am back in the apartment and waiting for that to be done.
That is the downside on living here, next to some other things, that I do no have my own washer and dryer …. I do make it work pretty good most the time but when stuff like this happens I’d love to have my own things just so I know I can wash it twice if I have to without cutting too much into the ‘laundry money’… But that is just life and something I had to adapt to over these past months and it aint too bad if you do it right. Afterall, living here I am not in debt, my bills are all paid after the fourth or fifth of every month, the kids have a roof over their head, their own rooms and food and drinks to live. They go to school, will be able to do some sports soon and I can just keep them busy enough so they make new friends and have some other authority figures in their lives than just me. Sometimes, as a single parent, that is what you need to help you out a bit when the going gets tough.

For now, off I got to cleaning and such and meal planning for this week…who needs sleep, right? I wish you all a wonderful Monday and start into your last full week of August..time sure does fly, doesn’t it?!


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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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