Exploring: Mt Rose

This little road trip yesterday brought us over to the Olympics, to the trail head of Mt Rose to be exact, in the Lake Cushman recreational area.

I knew when I started driving with the minions, that I will go somewhere close to the Olympics, that was always in the back of my mind, to get over there to show the boys the area over there before Summer was over. Not just because of the mountains, which I just love as you might know by now, but also because the rec area over there is great. lake Cushman is always inviting you for a swim on a hot summer day, there are enough little turn outs alongside the road where you could stop and just go and jump into the water if you should need to cool off from a long drive.

While Mt Rose is not one of the higher peaks in the Olympic range, it was mentioned as one of the most cult ones due to it being very steep from beginning to end and apparently quite a few people took quite a while to get up or had difficulties with the uphill.
I have to say though that my minions did this little mountain with no problems. We took two short brakes on our way up, to get some water and snacks into the minions to fuel their bodies and that was about it.

Right now it is in the process of recovering from a forest fire that hit it hard around 2005 I believe it was and while there were a lot of gorgeous views while the trees (sadly were burned down), since the trees area (gladly) recovering and growing in nicely again, it’s a bit harder to get a ‘free view’ onto the mountains around Mt Rose.
But through the trees you can still make out some of them and the lake on the bottom of it.
The hike is a loop a bit over 6 miles long and as mentioned before mostly uphill with an elevation of 4301ft over all. Only the last little bit of the trail, if you really wanna go all the way (of course me and the minion did this cause, lets face it, boys will be boys and love everything about rocks and climbing) that requires some climbing but it really is doable if you ask me.

After we got back down, it took us about two nice and slow hours, we threw our backpack into the car, grabbed some more drinks and made our way down the small slope from where we parked to enjoy the waters of Lake Cushman for a bit to cool off and just enjoy the day, the sun and have the minions play around.
The water was great, not as clear as Mason Lake, and sadly too many stones on the bottom so the minions couldn’t really go in all the way cause we did not have their water shoes with us. But, next time we are on our way over there, we will definitely bring those so that we can actually get into the water as well and wont have to worry about the minions feet being cut from rocks.
Just sitting there, at the edge of the lake, you have wonderful views and a wonderful peace and quiet since not many people seem to get into the lake on that side of it. There is also camping near by, down the road, if you feel like staying or just got your tent with you anyways and want to make a party out of it 🙂

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