Coal Creek Trail…A Short Evening Walk

Yesterday we wanted to do something.
We been sitting around all day, chilling and just enjoying the quiet of a Saturday, but we were talking with friends and decided that we were going for a hike, or in this case more of a evening walk as we should find out later on, once everyone is finished working.

So I been looking around a bit, going through my apps with all my saved hikes and found this little gem. It looked good, didn’t sound too bad when it came to the miles to hike and the kids would sure have a blast:
Coal Creek Trail. It is located in Bellevue, so only about 45 minute drive for me and the minions to get there which is nice when the clock already strikes 4pm and you know you gotta be home with them safe and sound and some time the same day/night.

Overall the trail is about 4.5miles long and you have a few trail options you can chose from and where to go. It’s a nice walk on a sunny day cause the trees provide lots of shade and it is great to walk through the forest, see the little river/lakes, fish out of water, hear the birds and just to enjoy some peace and quiet.
The minions loved all the bridges and stairs that were build into the trail and were running ahead of us most the time and ready to explore everything, collect different leaves and stones and just had a great time walking.
The trail conditions may vary depending on the weather and what month you will be visiting but I can tell you, it don’t matter when you will get there, it will be worth it.
However, the trail will be closed from September to December 2016 for maintenance and so I was really happy that we got to go there just in time and with about four days to spare before they close it for a few months.



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