Sick minions…mom life 

pajama day it is
Yes, since the rest of yesterday was going so well after the youngest got his shots after his 4yrs check up, I really thought this time we would be done and don’t have to go through the fever-my-legs-and-head-hurt-stage. 
Well, this mama was wrong. 

About 12hrs later it started. He came crawling into mom’s bed and was already super warm, and hurting. Cuddles mostly help when it’s still super dark outside but, once it’s daytime and the brother needs to get ready for school it won’t suffice  anymore. Then it’s “sit with me!” or “lay down with me cause I don’t feel good!” and of course “my legs and head are hurting. Stay with me!” 

So today is a day spend in bed, hoping that he will feel better by latets tomorrow and the rest of the errands I had to do for my appointments just have to wait…they all know I can’t today and so I am trying to relax as much as possible and not let the knowledge of unfinished errands rob me of a joyful, relaxing day with the minions. 

So here is to naps, snacks, Disney afternoons and some quiet time for this somewhat sunny Friday !!  

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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