Some Updates On My Running Journey…overdue

It’s been a while and it’s overdue.
Also, to be honest, I have been slacking on my running these past weeks.
Toward the end of Summer Break here, I been out in the mountains and to the lakes with the minions quite a bit and raked in miles for the Amerithon while I was hiking. But, yes, it is no running and I started to miss it by the end of August.

So, for August I got three lousy runs, but none under at least 5k, in and I have to tell ya:
I never felt more out of shape than I did then….It’s bad.
Thought maybe the hiking kept up my cardio a little bit since it was all kinda steep hikes, but NOPE not in this life lol

one of my better runs

My weight went down again a little to 64.2 kg which is roughly 141 lbs and I am kinda happy with it cause I thought I’d have gained way more over these past weeks. I’m about 1 kg heavier than when I started to slack on my running path so it ain’t too bad. But still….one needs to run more again.
And so one got up every other day in September and ran…


141.2lbs look like this. now to clean up woth eating habbits and such

Some light 5k ones where I really felt off. Off with everything; breathing, steps, rhythm..everything. And it was tough to some times even complete those tiny 5 k runs.
And then I had days where 8-10 k were no problem at all, where I got into the running swing of things and just ran. Those are the good days, the better days, the days when all just is in sync and works out amazingly. Those are the days I love. Those are the moments when I realize why I love running:
Cause it is only up to you what you make of it. How far you go. And how you feel. It is all up to you !!
Always !!



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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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