Out With The Old….

….and in with the new… isnt that how the saying goes?! Lol 

I am saying goodbye to: iphone 6plus and a fun iOS 10 system (had that particular phone now since a while) 

I am saying hello to: Samsung Galaxy S6edge, Android interface and quite a bit smaller (it feels kinda weird to not have such a big phone anymore)

I officially made the switch from my ios system to the android on Saturday afternoon. And oh boy its a bit to get used too lol

I only have ever been with the ios and mind tou that’s been for a very long time. But, I have to say I am glad I did switch! 

Now these last days have been antrying out of different fonts, apps, getting back my fitness stuff, loving the camera in this phone and just getting used to everything new and a totally different interface. I am getting the hang of it though i think. But, I miss that I do not have autocorrect anymore -or just havent figured it out yet!?!

Anywyas, new life, new friends, new place, new phone.. we are staying with the programm lol 

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

2 thoughts on “Out With The Old….

  1. I’m sure there’s an auto correct as I’ve had a Galaxy S3 and currently on S5 and they both had it. Alas, I can’t offer any help on why it’s not working for you. Hope you figure it out though 🙂 Blogging from the S5 is pure easy fun!

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    1. oh this blog, as so many others, strictly done with the phone lol. I will figure it out eventually, aka learning by doing 🙂 It is a fun phone to have and I am really glad I switched over lol

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